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Sheet metal working and mechanical engineering

The mechanical engineering and construction sector are of benefit to suppliers that act fast, deliver the required quality and know the needs of the customer. Welcome to Cornelissen Metaaltechniek, manufacturer and supplier of semi-finished products. We work aluminium, stainless steel, steel and high-strength steel. Experience the power of our full-service supply.

You can count on us, day and night. Our machinery runs 24/7. This enables us to be flexible and deliver good quality quickly.

and composing parts

Contractors engage us for all required preprocessing. From laser cutting to bending, sheet metal rolling and robotized welding. If you like, we then compose the parts to a complete semi-finished product. We do this for mechanical engineering and construction companies in divergent sectors. For more than 20 years we have been a renowned name on the market.

Sheet metal working and mechanical engineering

Do you have an idea for a new machine? Feel free to present us your concept. We enjoy cooperating with you on the design. As a specialist in sheet metal working and mechanical engineering, we aim to support you entirely. If you like, we also provide for the powder coating of your new machine. We transport your machine and we take care of the on-site montage. Interested? Many satisfied customers went ahead over the last decades.

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You like to cooperate with us on the realization of your project? We are curious! Contact us non-committal to discuss the possibilities.

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