Do you need parts of stainless steel, aluminium or steel? Welcome to Cornelissen Metaaltechniek. With our four-roller plate rollers we bend every desired shape. Some examples: Cylinders, bowls and concentric and eccentric cones, metal jackets, reducers or curve segments. We also produce rolled plates for e.g. the petrochemical industry, offshore, infrastructure and fa├žade engineering. We produce customized parts as well as batches up to a length of 2 meters.

Special alloys and facet bending

The product is required to be heat-, corrosion- or wear-resistant? No problem. We also produce with special alloys such as Inconel, Duplex, Hardox and Creusabro. In some cases, we are not able to roll a product. Then we decide to apply facet bending. With this technology we bend the product several times until it has the desired shape.


Sheet metal rolling

Dimensions sheet metal: max. 2100 mm
Material strength: 0,5 mm to 15 mm