MIG-welding, MAG-welding and TIG-welding

Whether it´s about simple or complex constructions, Cornelissen Metaaltechniek is your specialist in MIG-welding, MAG-welding and TIG-welding. Our technicians process aluminium, stainless steel, steel and high-strength steel such as Domex, Weldox, Dillimax, Optim and S690. Customized parts as well as batches. We also provide the necessary postprocessing. Think of brushing, (precision) grinding and blasting. We are ISO9001-certified.

Small and big dimensions

We process sheet metal in small and big dimensions, up to a maximum of 30.000 x 3.000 mm and up to a maximum weight of 15 tons. We always have the required material in stock. This is a conscious choice, because it enables us to work efficiently and deliver quickly.

The right method for your product

We choose the right welding method for your requirements. MIG- and MAG-welding are both arc welding techniques. MIG-welding is especially suited for non-ferrous metals. MAG-welding is used for low-alloy and unalloyed steel. Is the requirement for thin sheet metal? Then we work with TIG-welding.